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The Engineering Department comprises of Metalwork and Technology at Junior Cycle and Engineering at Senior Cycle….


The Language Department includes Irish, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.  We also offer Manderin and Russian in Transition year and Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian as Leaving Certificate subjects for native speakers.


French image

Each year Hartstown Comunity School students take part in a school echange to Bordeaux in France. While in Bordeaux the Hartstown students sample French life and can take in some of the local sights, such as Arcachon,The Dune de Pyla (Europe’s highest sand dune), a boat trip on the Baie d’Arcachon, oyster tasting, a visit to the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, and to the Musee d’Aquitaine to mention just a few. You can click on the link below to visit the Exchange Schools’ Website.

This year, the Irish students will travel to Bordeaux in March accompanied by Mr.Wade.  The French Students from Lycee Montesquieu School in Bordeaux will visit in April and will spend ten days in the homes of their Irish exchange partners.  As well as attending school, the students will go on trips organised to the City Centre, Glendalough, Newgrange, the Hill of Tara, the National Museum and they will try their ‘feet’ at Irish dancing .

For more information about the exchange visit: montyhart.free.fr

French.ie is a portal site created by and for French teachers in Ireland.

Spanish is now well established in the school.  It is the second most popular language after French. 

German remains popular in HCS, with demand for places increasing each year.  German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the EU and a good working knowledge of German enhances career opportunities.  In the past, HCS students have gone on exchange to Munich and Augsburg.

HCS reach All-Ireland quarter final in German debating! 

imageTeam: (see right) Brenda Ademovic (Capt.), Aynuram Yussupova, Aldina Abazi, Adam Gavin, Aldin Abazi, William Clifford. Teacher:Mr.Kajic


Following the success of the Japanese module in Transition Year, we have introduced Japanese as a Leaving Cert subject.  Students can keep their Continental language and take Japanese if they wish. 

Mandarin Chinese and Russian

Mandarin has been added to the Transition year programme.  As well as studying their modern continental language - French, German or Spanish students complete modules in Japanese, Russian and Mandarin.

Eastern European Languages
HCS offers Leaving Cert classes for native speakers in Russian, Romanian, Polish and Lithuanian.  These classes take place on Wednesdays after normal school hours and are open to students from other schools.  We acknowledge the financial support of The Languages Initiative for our Russian classes and of the Polish Embassy for our Polish classes.


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Farmleigh Art Visit
I found my visit to Farmleigh a very interesting day…

Technical Graphics

Design & Communication Graphics has been launched at Leaving Certificate for students…